Advantage plansThe major aim of Medicare Advantage Plan is to provide coverage for the out of the pocket cost of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. While Medicare is government health care that is provided to people above 65 years of age and disabled people, Medicare Advantage is provided by private medical insurance companies.

What does it cover?

Medicare Advantage plan, which is also called Medicare Part C covers most of the medical costs that Medicare part A and Medicare part B do not cover. This includes the cost of deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance.

Although Medicare part B covers some medications, it does not cover the cost of most prescription medication. This cost is part of the coverage of Medicare part D, which is another insurance plan. However, Medicare allows private insurers to include the coverage of Medicare Plan D in the Medicare Advantage Plans.

Compare Medicare Advantage Plans to get the best coverage for a price you can afford. As stated earlier, the plan is sold by private insurers. But Medicare dictates the basic coverage. Each of the private companies is free to add more benefits to the package. Each of them is also free to decide his price. Therefore, the coverage that you will get from an advantage plan depends on the specific plan that you purchase and your location in the United States.

How Medicare advantage plan is run in Florida?

The Medicare program varies slightly from state to state in the United States, but the basic coverage and procedure remain the same everywhere. Medicare Advantage covers everything in Medicare part A and Medicare part B. Besides, it also covers deductibles in Medicare Part A and Part B. It as well covers co-payment and coinsurance. Medicare Advantage coverage also includes the cost of hospice treatment as well as the cost of emergency treatment. There are many other benefits that the private insurance company can add to the coverage to provide more services as well as to make their plans competitive.

If you live in the state of Florida, you may enjoy additional benefits like:

  • Cost of eye treatment and recommended glasses and lenses.
  • Cost of ear treatment as well as hearing aid devices.
  • Cost of dental treatment.
  • Regular check-ups
  • Wellness and personalized exercise.
  • Personalized diet.
  • Cost of a prescription drug as well as the cost of administering them (Medicare Plan D)

Plans for retireesBut before you can apply for an advantage plan you must first have Medicare or, at least, qualify for Medicare.

Who can apply for Medicare?

Medicare is for people who are above the age of 65. People below this age may also qualify for Medicare if they have certain diseases or they have a certain disability.

It is also important to note that Medicare is only for the citizen of the United States.

When can I apply?

Even if you qualify, you cannot just wake up one bright morning and decide to enroll in the Medicare plan. If you do, it may attract a penalty and you will not get the best deal. To ensure that you get your desired plan at the best price, then you must apply at the right time. The following are the appropriate time to apply.

  • Three months Before The Month you Clock 65 Till Three Months After

The major qualification to enroll in Medicare is the age. If you are about to clock 65, your application window opens three months before the month you clock 65 and it extends till three months after the month you clock 65. For instance, if you were born in June, then you can apply anytime from March the year you clock 65 till August of the same year.

  • Three Months Before 25th Month of Injury Till Three Months After

For people that are applying because of their disability, their application window opens three months before the 25th months of their injury and extends till three months after the 25th months. Therefore, it starts from the 22nd months of injury until the 28th months of injury.

  • The General window for Enrollment

If you missed your specific enrollment window, you can still enroll during the general window. However, you will have to pay a penalty for late registration. You can avoid this penalty if you ask for a delay in enrollment.

The general window for enrollment opens on the 1st of January and extends till the 31st of March, every year.

Time to Enroll In Medicare Advantage Plan in Florida

As discussed, before you can apply for Medicare Advantage Plan, you must at least qualify for Medicare. You can enroll for the Medicare Advantage Plan during your window for Medicare. But if you missed that window, you can still enroll during the window that was created for change of plan and dis-enrollment. This is called the Annual Election Period. Apart from your window which depends on your month of birth, there are two other important dates

  • 15th October to 7th December

We call this period Annual Election Period. This period is for people who are already enrolled to change from one plan to another. Change of plan can be due to a change in the environment or loss of coverage. Any change you make in this period will be effective from January 1st. If you have not enrolled before, you can use the opportunity of this Annual Election Period to enroll. You can also cancel your advantage plan and return to ordinary Medicare during this period. But there is another opportunity for this cancellation.

  • retirement insurance options1st January to 14th February

This period is the window for cancelling your enrollment in Medicare Advantage Plan and return to ordinary Medicare. This may be necessary at times to save money, especially if you realize that you don’t need most of the coverage in the advantage plan. After your cancellation, you can then enroll for Medicare plan D, if so much need prescription drugs.

But if you believe an advantage plan is necessary for you, you must choose the option that is best for you.

Medicare Advantage Options in Florida for 2021

Seven major Medicare Advantage Plan options are available in the state of Florida. Many medical insurers offer these options, but you must note that not all the private insurers offer all of the options. Also, there are many options; it depends on the insurance company. The network of a medical insurance company is the health facilities and practitioners that accept coverage from the insurance company.

The Medicare Advantage Plan options that are available in Florida for 2021 are:

  • HMO: A plan that covers you for services that you receive only in a facility in the insurer’s network.
  • PPO: This plan grants you full coverage for services in the network and partial coverage for the services out of network, even without a referral letter.
  • HMO-POS: This is in between HMO and PPO. With this plan, you have full coverage for the services you receive within the network. While you will also get partial coverage for some services outside the network. You may need to get a referral letter before you can use it out of network facilities.
  • MAPD: This is a Medicare Advantage Plan that covers prescription drugs.
  • PFFS: This is a plan in which there is a pre-agreed amount that the insurer will pay for your medical treatment.
  • MSA: This enables you to access money deposited in a savings account for medical treatment.
  • SNP: This is a plan specially designed for people that have chronic disease or disability or any other special need.

Need for comparison

All these plans were designed by Medicare; the private companies are only selling them. Therefore if you purchase a certain plan from a particular insurer, it will be the same thing if you purchase it from another insurer. The only things that will be different would be the network and the price. That is the reason you must compare the offer from different Medicare Advantage Plan providers.

You must weigh the services offered by each of the private insurers against the cost. You may realize that some insurers are rendering good service at a comparatively low cost. Why must you spend more money to get the same value that you can get for less?

To compare the services and cost of the Medicare Advantage Plan 2021 in Florida, you don’t have to visit all the medical insurance providers or call them on phone. You can get all the info you need right here on our site.

Insurance plans for allLet’s help you

All the information about the services rendered by all major insurers in the state of Florida is available on this website. We also have tools that you can use to compare the services and the cost. With our tools and the info on this site, you should be able to get a plan that is best for your specific need.

In case you need more assistance or opinion, our staff will be glad to assist you. Now is a good time to organize you for the Medicare Advantage Plan 2021 in Florid